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King of the Chills 2016 written by DocPossible, 2016-08-10 23:55 CEST (0 comments)

Quakecon is over which means it's time for King of the Chllls! The world famous, Quake Live Duel Cup for #clanchillers! It'll take place over a weekend in mid to late September, with initial matches taking place on the Saturday and the final on the Sunday.

The mappool and rules are as they were for Quakecon, although Aerowalk replaces Elder because, because obvious reasons. Here's the full rule book, if you're the sort of arsehole that like rules lawyering :)

http://www.quakecon.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/QuakeCon-2016-Quake-Live-DUEL-Masters-CHAMPIONSHIP-Rules.pdf [quakecon.org]

Section 1.8 is the relevant bit

Essentially it's Bo3 initialy, b05 in semis and finals with drop drop pick pick drop drop for the bo3, drop drop pick pick pick pick for the finals

● Map Pool: Battleforged, Blood Run, Cure, Aero, Furious Heights, Hektik, Sinister

More details to follow, when I've got a grip.

Ok, it's this weekend. Saturday 17th of September, beginning at 3pm UK time. Signups are still open for any stragglers!


Season 10, Duel revival written by DocPossible, 2015-09-15 23:24 CEST (12 comments)

Since I've remember my logon details and 24 is AWOL, why not have another 1 day duel cup? So here it is. The QCON map pool is clearly the best possible map pool, so that's what we'll be using :)

The first round is Bo1, with drop-drop-drop-drop after cointoss - the winner drops first.
Thereafter it's Bo3 (drop-drop) with Grand Final as Bo5

The cup is open to friends and family :) Chillers, loiterers on #clanchill, drunks and the like.

Map List:

Blood Run
Furious Heights
Lost World

You must sign up with your QL nick.

Sunday October 11th is the day.

Chill Duel Cup 9 - Golden Oldies written by 24, 2013-02-17 09:30 CET (0 comments)

The PQL cup brought a few upsets and exciting games, after which BOP_B_3AKOHE came out on top. Sadly with Sn0w_Crash quitting the tournament by choice, he has to face a 1-cup ban.

You can only quit if you have a) other things to do, b) are losing, and rage, or c) have either medical or technical issues. Since none of those applied to Sn0w_Crash I had to make this decision.

The theme of the next cup is Golden Oldies aka. DocP edition. For this, a special mappool has been prepared consisting of old Quake 3 maps.

What is it? A 1-day duel cup open to every Chill, drunk, n00b3gg5, zTn, sauer and utterly mad members, plus our friends.
When is it? March 3, Sunday @ 17 CET.
Where is it? We meet in #clanchill at QuakeNet.

Note: Please register with your QL nick, so I can verify you.

- Single elimination.
- First rounds are Bo1 (after cointoss drop-drop-drop-drop)
- From Round of 16 to the Semi Finals Bo3 (after cointoss pick-pick-drop-drop)
- Grand Final Bo5 (after cointoss pick-pick-pick-pick)
- Maplist:
Blood Run
Lost World
Proving Grounds
Vertical Vengeance
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