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Chill Duel Cup 7 written by 24, 2013-01-27 13:46 CET (1 comments)

After the 1,5 months winter break, Chill Duel Cup finally returns! Closing a wonderful year, the Player of the Year 2012 award went to Kanzo. Let's see who can rise to the top this time. Since it's the 7th cup, the special 7-map pool remains.

Four maps get to stay from the last pool, including Aerowalk, Campgrounds and House of Decay. The upgraded Sinister also returns for another run. Blood Run replaces Dismemberment, Silence takes Furious Heights place, and Phrantic makes a debut substituting Hektik.

What is it? A 1-day duel cup open to every Chill, drunk, n00b3gg5, zTn, and utterly mad members, plus our friends.
When is it? February 3, Sunday @ 17 CET.
Where is it? We meet in #clanchill at QuakeNet.

Note: Please register with your QL nick, so I can verify you.
Note #2: Pay attention to the map picking procedure. Because of the bigger pool, it's slightly different.

- Single elimination.
- First rounds are Bo1 (after cointoss drop until one map remains)
- From Round of 16 to the Semi Finals Bo3 (after cointoss pick-pick-drop-drop-drop-drop)
- Grand Final Bo5 (after cointoss drop-drop-pick-pick-pick-pick)
- Maplist:
House of Decay
Blood Run
#1 written by Anonymous (swampy), 5 years, 9 months ago
This time...I take it!
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