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Chill Duel Cup 8 - PQL Edition written by 24, 2013-02-11 12:49 CET (0 comments)

Last cup, we have seen a new champion rise, ru5h, unfortunately with a defwinned final. Nevertheless, Chill Duel Cup is back, and to shake things up a bit, this time it's going to be PQL.

To not clash with the #tdmpickup Draft Tournament, the cup will be played on Saturday, February 16. A special PQL mappool has been set to the tournament.

What is it? A 1-day duel cup open to every Chill, drunk, n00b3gg5, zTn, sauer and utterly mad members, plus our friends.
When is it? February 16, Saturday @ 17 CET.
Where is it? We meet in #clanchill at QuakeNet.

Note: Please register with your QL nick, so I can verify you.

- Single elimination.
- First rounds are Bo1 (after cointoss drop-drop-drop-drop)
- From Round of 16 to the Semi Finals Bo3 (after cointoss pick-pick-drop-drop)
- Grand Final Bo5 (after cointoss pick-pick-pick-pick)
- Maplist:
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